Speaking Engagements

Here’s what your people (or guests) will get when we speak about Small Business Growth strategies:

  • They will identified what is working what is NOT
  • They get 4 to 5 nuggets they can implement right away in their business the very next day.
  • They will get strategies to save themselves at least 5 hours of un-necessary work each and every week
  • They will get tactic sand strategies to learn how to grow their business profitably

Our Small Business Mastery Moto: “Plan, Prepare (in advance) ………. and Profit!”

Current Occupation: Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Educator and Rental Real Estate Investor and I am available on a limited basis for speaking engagements.

I have had the pleasure of owning my own businesses for nearly 27 years. I am a small business owner, entrepreneur, business coach, educator and real estate investor. Success to me is in “a thousand details”, an organized effort and attracting like-minded people. Being successful includes fostering a proven business model and cultivating excellent business practices that embrace a complete follow through on commitments. I subscribe to the philosophy that “great businesses planned to be great”. I work with Small Business Owners and Real Estate Investors that would like help in their entrepreneurial journey; from starting-up, growing to the next level or preparing an exit strategy.


  • Started, built and successfully ran twelve (12) businesses, 27 years of experience
  • Have purchased 18 Rental real estate Properties which totals 32 doors.
  • Have worked with and Coached over 100 business – ranging from $250k in annual sales to $50m per year and they have all had the same need: a system that can measure success and their growth at every step of the journey!.
  • Graduate of George Brown College in Hotel Management
  • Real Estate License, Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (Not Active)
  • Orangeville Business Improvement Area Board of Management for 6 years and Chair for 4 years
  • REIN courses: ACRE program(s), Multi-Family Investing Program, Condo Conversions
  • REIN 2007 Michael Millenaar Memorial Leadership Award
  • REIN Member since 2006 and REIN Ambassador – as of 2013
  • Career’s Day Speaker at local High Schools and Colleges
  • Hockey, Soccer, Basketball and Lacrosse coach for local youth

Area(s) of Expertise:

  • Small Business Ownership, Leadership and Planned exit strategies.
  • Small Business Coaching Models:
    • 1-on-1 Business Coaching
    • Group Coaching – Business Accelerator Program
    • and Real Estate Investment Coaching
  • Residential & Commercial Rental Real Estate Investing