About Us

We have spent years studying, gathering, organizing and testing the way in which small businesses operate.

Success has always been a matter of individual effort but, there is a common thread that all successful business owners have, they are surrounded by brilliant support teams. Our products and services are based on proven principal based fundamentals that produce results. We have created our workshops and coaching program for small business owners, entrepreneurs and managers who are serious and committed to spend time working on improving their business and succeeding in moving it forward.

Our aim is threefold:

  • first to help you discover your weaknesses,
  • second, to help you create a plan for bridging those weaknesses
  • and third to provide strategies that you can implement to build a profitable business.

All small businesses have areas that can be improved, in fact it is an ongoing process.

Great Companies didn’t just become great,  you planned it, each and every step along the way. Our programs are designed so that, small business owners can take inventory of their business, themselves and of their team employees using something more than a “snap-judgment” method. One very common problem we run into with business, when team building, is the lack of good communication.

Big business spends millions training their staff on delivering service,

Yet ninety nine people out of a hundred who purchase life insurance or RRSP(s), for instance, don’t know what their policy is or where their RRSP(s) are invested in: My Point is : What they have really purchased is GREAT customer service from someone who knows the value of cultivating customer service but lacks communication skills.  How are you communicating with your customers so that know exactly what it is you are providing and more importantly the value of it?

The Oxford Dictionary Definition of Education

A process of teaching, training and learning, to improve knowledge and develop skills. The word educate has roots in the Latin word educo, which means to develop from within, to educe, to draw out. Learning allows you to find answers when you require them. The successful small business owner, is not the one who memorizes a great numbers of strategies or tactics, it is the small business owner who surrounds themselves with a team who knows how and where to find answers which is why business coaching is instrumental in business success.

We have done the foundation work for you by gathering knowledge, studying, organizing and classifying the facts

to develop meaningful coaching programs that will truly benefit yourself, your staff and your business. Both of our programs, the Monthly Implementation Workshops meetings and our “One on One” Coaching are structured around a 17 month time period. This allows enough time for all the ideas and strategies to become familiar, imprinted and habit forming. Following the program will give you a collection of principals, strategies and experience sufficient to transform your business. Your ability to commit to this period of learning will bring you outstanding quality of leadership. The useful knowledge and the interaction with like minded business owners will bring a blending of organized effort.

Knowledge is not power, it is only potential power, until it is organized and put into action.

Success to us is the ability to comprehend and the ability to communicate and then take action. This will yield the greatest return not only in money, but time and happiness. FOCUS If you don’t have clear written goals and plans to accomplish them you may be drifting aimlessly, without the slightest concept of your business potential, and what needs to be done to drive your business forward. You should engage in the business of, training for success, you will be doing yourself a great favour.

1979 Harvard Survey of MBA Graduates In 1979 new graduates from the Harvard MBA program were asked if they had set goals for their careers

  • 84% had no goals
  • 13% had goals but had not written them down
  • 3% had clear written goals and plans to accomplish them

In 1989, 10 years later those same graduates were interviewed

  • The 13% who had goals were earning on average,
  • twice as much as the 84% with no goals.
  • The 3% with clear written goals and plans were earning on average,
  • ten times as much as the other 97% put together.

I find that INTERESTING!  Let us help you and your company PLAN, PREPARE and PROFIT